Bug reports


In spite of all the attention of LARP ‘s author to provide you with robust and bug free software, programming errors or omissions are sometimes overlooked. It is probably the case with LARP, unfortunately. 

When a bug is encountered in LARP while editing algorithms or during their execution, in most cases an error message is displayed on screen to inform the user:

In some circumstances LARP may also show more detailed error messages, such as:

The above Application Error window displays diagnosis information on the encountered bug.

When such error occurs, technical support should be informed of the problem so that it gets corrected in the next release of the software.

LARP has an automated report system allowing the user to send bug diagnosis information to technical support by electronic mail. This bug report system is accessible via the top menu, under the Help item. Its characteristics are:

The bug reporting system consists of a sequence of windows gathering detailed information on the events and data having led to the encountered bug:

  1. The first window allows the user to identify himself and to describe circumstances having led to the bug: 

  1. The next window enumerates files to be transmitted to LARP's technical support along with the bug report. These files will help isolate the location and causes of the reported bug. User authorization is required for each file to be dispatched:


  1. The third window requests authorization to transmit the bug report with its attached files. Upon pressing the Transmit button, LARP transmits the report through the computer’s default electronic mail agent. 

3.1. If the electronic mail agent fails to transmit the report, the user may transmit it manually using another electronic mail agent.

Transmitting bug reports to LARP's technical support team allows to correct software errors so the next version of the software will be more robust.