Buying LARP

We are very pleased of your interest in LARP and hope this software will be very useful to you. Marco Lavoie offers LARP at an incredibly low price which includes free updates and technical support for life!

Prices for LARP and its components

The LARP shareware is only sold as a single user licence (i.e. per computer). No site license is available:
Number of licenses Price per license
      1 to 9        14.99 $ USD
      10 to 24        13.99 $ USD
      25 to 99        12.99 $ USD
      100 and more Contact us

After buying a license, you will receive by electronic mail a registration key allowing you to convert any evaluation version of LARP into a registered version. The procedure to integrate the received registration key into LARP will be described within the email and is also available here.

As for LARP's unlock keys, they are sold per unit (i.e. no volume discount):

Number of licenses Price per license
        1 to 4        279 $ USD
        5 and more Contact us

Unlock keys are shipped by courier (Federal Express or UPS). Shipments are confirmed by electronic mail which includes a tracking number allowing buyers to track their shipment.

Ordering and payment

We accept five payment methods : online, by fax, by phone, by mail and by purchase order. Secure payments are accepted in many currencies, including US dollars ($), Canadian dollars ($) or Euros (€)

LARP is freely available for downloading. After buying a license using the online order form, you will receive a registration key by electronic mail. This key will unlock the software. You may download the shareware before or after buying a license.

Your license will entitle you to receive all future updates of LARP. You will never have to spend another penny to use the latest version of the software!

If you do not receive your registration key after a reasonable delay (usually two business days when paying by credit card, two weeks for other methods of payment), please contact us! We are very sorry if you experience longer delays.

Unlock keys for LARP may also be acquired using the above methods of payment. They are usually shipped within five business days after payment by credit card, three weeks for other methods of payment.

Ordering online

It is the simplest and fastest way to buy LARP. Credit card information is transmitted directly and securely (Icône de sécurité) to the vendor for processing. To protect your privacy, only you and the credit card processing system are able to access your credit card data. Use the following links to access ordering forms:

  Secure online ordering offered by: Licences
Produit #225675

Unlock keys
Produit #300001380


Once online ordering is completed, you will receive an electronic mail confirmation which will include information on

  • how to convert an evaluation version of LARP into a registered version using the received registration key, or
  • how to install and use unlock keys.

Ordering by fax or phone

If you prefer not to transmit credit card information online, you may fax your order or phone ShareIt! at one of the following numbers:

element 5 AG
ShareIt! (Germany)
Phone: +49 (0)221 31088-0
Fax: +49 (0)221 31088-99
  element5 logo
  ShareIt! Inc. (United States)
Phone: +1 (724) 850 8186                 +1-800-903-4152
Fax: +1 (724) 850 8187
element 5 AG
ShareIt! (France)
Phone: +33 (0)1 49 19 26 54
Fax: +33 (0)1 49 19 21 00

Make sure you include the proper product number in your order when ordering by fax or by phone.

Ordering through mail

If you reside in the United States or in Canada, you may send a check or money order to ShareIt! at the following US address:

  ShareIt! Inc.
PO Box 844
Greensburg PA 15601

Please make your check or money order in US currency to « ShareIt! Inc. » (US clients: it is illegal to send cash by mail in the United States).

Clients outside North America: you may send a check or money order at:

  element 5 AG / ShareIt!
Vogelsanger Strasse 78
50823 Koeln

Please make your check or money order to « element 5 AG ». Do not forget to include the product number.

Purchase orders

Organizations may use purchase orders instead of credit cards. We only accept purchase orders from recognized organizations which fax their signed orders on letterhead paper. We allow the client to make payment within 30 days after ordering. Please inform the seller by electronic mail at after sending (or faxing) the purchase order.

Make sure your purchase order is submitted on the organization's official letterhead paper. Do not forget to include the organization's shipping and billing addresses. All purchase orders must be signed by an authorized person within your organization (make sure you print that person's name correctly). Include all relevant fax and telephone numbers. Most importantly, make sure you include the name and electronic address of the user who will use the software. Specify the product number, the number of licenses ordered and the total cost. The vender must be identified as ShareIt!, not Marco Lavoie. You will find addresses of ShareIt! here. You may telephone ShareIt! for any enquiries regarding sales and orders (phone number are listed above).

Send your purchase orders at the following addresses:

  By fax: In Europe: +49 (0)221 31088-99
    In United States: +1 (724) 850-8187
  By mail: In Europe:
      element 5 AG / ShareIt!
Vogelsanger Strasse 78
50823 Koeln
    In United States:
      ShareIt! Inc.
PO Box 844
Greensburg, PA 15601-0844