License acceptance

We thank you for your interest in LARP, an educational software for teaching programming.

LARP is distributed as freeware as whell as shareware. Both versions are identical except for the following functionalities:

  1. The freeware version does not support plagiarism prevention while the registered shareware version does.
  2. Automatic updates are not available in the freeware version (updates must be performed manually) while they are automatically downloaded and installed in the registered shareware version.
  3. The super user mode is not supported in the freeware version since plagiarism prevention is not available. The shareware version offers super user mode when plagiarism prevention functionalities are activated during installation.

Both versions of LARP are distributed within the same installation file. The version to be installed is selected during installation.

Freeware version

LARP is available as freeware, a fully functional version of software released by its author to the public so they can use it without cost.

Freely downloadable, a freeware is by definition free! Users installing and using the freeware have no financial obligation towards its author. The distribution of LARP in freeware version is however limited according to restrictions stipulated in the license agreement.

Shareware version

Freely downloadable, a shareware is not however free. A moral contract links the author to whoever installs the software. It stipulates that if the user wishes to continue using the product at the end of the evaluation period, and for that matter keep it installed on his computer, he is obligated to buy a license. In other words, once having used the shareware for a predetermined number of days, the user must drop by the cash register to pay for the product. If for whatever reason he does not wish to acquire it, the product must return to the shelves, which in this context means the shareware must be uninstalled from the user's computer.

License agreement

Here is the license agreement permitting to evaluate LARP. Please read carefully what follows before using the software. The use of the software implies that you agree to all terms of this license agreement.

This software (LARP) is distributed as freeware (i.e. it's free) and as shareware (i.e. not free). The user selects which version to install during the installation process. Both versions are identical except the freeware version does not offer plagiarism prevention functionalities. Read LARP's user's guide (or its online help) for details.

All terms of this license is applicable to both versions except the first section which is specific to each version.

Freeware version

This software is distributed as freeware, which means it can be installed and used by anyone without costs nor registration requirements. Distributing a complete or limited version (in terms of functionalities) of a software as freeware means the author does not expect users to pay for using the software.

Here is the license agreement permitting to use the freeware. Please read carefully what follows before using the freeware. The use of the freeware implies that you agree to all terms of this license agreement.

Shareware version

This software is distributed as shareware, a fully functional version of software released by its author to allow the public to test it prior to getting involved financially. In accordance with the terms specified hereafter, the shareware can be used free of charge, for evaluation purposes, for a period extending up to 120 days from installation date.

Here is the license agreement permitting to evaluate the shareware. Please read carefully what follows before using the shareware. The use of the shareware implies that you agree to all terms of this license agreement.


You are authorized to duplicate the unregistered (i.e. evaluation) version of this software and to distribute it without alterations by electronic means (Internet, BBS' s, CD, etc).

Other than a reasonable participation relating to your expenses (ex: packaging), you are not allowed to charge for duplication or distribution of this software. You must not state under any circumstances that you sell the software itself.

You cannot, under any circumstances, ask for any compensation relating to the use of this software itself. The distribution of the shareware version cannot imply any kind of services nor support on behalf of the author.

Registered version

A registered version of this software can only be used by a single person on one or several computers. You can run this software across a network as long as you acquired as many individual licenses as there are computers likely to run the software across the network. For instance, if six different hosts can run the software across the network, you need a registered license for six users, whether they use the software at various times or simultaneously.

Restrictions of use

You are not allowed to alter this software in any way, or to add, to remove or to modify any message or dialogue box.

You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or transform this software into any form of source code. You must not change, lend, rent or sell this software.

You may not publish or distribute algorithms or utilities for the purpose of generating registration codes for this software. You may not also publish information related to registration codes, nor distribute or publish such registration codes, without written approval of the author.

Restrictions of warrantee

This software is provided « as is » and without warrantees related to its execution, its performances, its street value or any other matter, whether expressed or implied. Since the author has no regards on the various hardware and software configurations of computers on which this software may be installed, no guarantee of compatibility or conformity is given. Good practice dictates that any new software must be thoroughly tested by the user with non-critical data before using it with critical data. The user bares all risks related to usage of this software. The responsibility of the seller is exclusively limited to the replacement of the product or the reimbursement of its purchase price.


This product is Copyright © 2004-2008 Marco Lavoie.

It is protected by the Canadian law relating to copyrights and by international conventions. You acknowledge that no rights regarding intellectual ownership of this software are transferred to you. You acknowledge that full rights of this software remain the sole ownership of the author, and that you acquire no rights others than those specifically stated in this license agreement.