The section of the Web site offers teachers various documents for teaching structured programming using LARP:

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LARP User's guide

You may download the User's guide of LARP by clicking on the following link:

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Library of LARP projects

In order to support teachers using LARP in class to teach structured programming, a library of programming problems with accompanying LARP solutions is provided herein.

The problems in this library are categorized according to difficulty levels and are organized to follow the progression of students in acquiring programming skills in class. While the first problems are simple to understand and solve (for example adding sales tax to a purchased product), the level of difficulty rises in later problems as programming skills of students should in class, gradually introducing various control structures such as conditions, loops, modules and containers.

The proposed problems originate from various sources. The following documents are provided for each problem:

  1. A Web page stating the problem along with appropriate references.
  2. A LARP project file solving the problem using pseudo code.
  3. A LARP project file solving the problem using flowcharts.
  4. A Java solution.

While problem statements are available to all, solutions are not. Obviously, teachers could not use these problems in class if students had access to the solutions through this Web site. Access to solutions is therefore restricted to owners of LARP unlock keys. Their high price usually prevents students from acquiring them while they are still relatively affordable for educational institutions.

In order to provide you with an overview of the library's contents, here is an example of a problem found in the library along with its accompanying LARP and Java solution files:

  1. Problem statement : This Web page contains the problem's description along with its reference (i.e. its source).
  2. Pseudo code solution : A LARP project file solving the problem using pseudocode.
  3. Flowchart solution : A LARP project file solving the problem using flowcharts.
  4. Java solution : A file containing Java source code solving the problem.

To access the library, click here.

Powerpoint presentations for class

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