Technical support

We are here to help you. Please follow these steps in order to get help rapidly:

  1. Make sure you register your software if not done yet. LARP's technical support only guarantees prompt answers to requests from registered owners of the shareware version of LARP.
  2. Make sure you have the most recent version of the software. Check LARP's download page to learn more.
  3. Consult LARP's online help. Help documentation is accessible directly within LARP and also through the Web.
  4. Check LARP's F.A.Q section (Frequently Asked Questions). Answers to your questions may already be posted there.
  5. If you are sending us a bug report, please provide as much information as possible about the problem for us to resolve the issue rapidly.
  6. Finally, if the preceding steps did not resolve the issue, complete the form below and the information will be sent to LARP's technical support.

Technical support request form

Complete the following form in order to reach LARP's technical support. Form fields identified with a star ( * ) must be filled.

LARP's technical support will promptly answer requests from registered users of the shareware version of LARP. Consult the following page to register your software. If you do not own a registered version of LARP, you may submit your request anyway but no guarantee is given regarding a response from technical support.

Personal information
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Information on software  (#1)
Version of LARP: *
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Note #1 - See LARP's About screen to retrieve the requested information.
Note #2 - Your registration key was included in the documentation you received upon registering